Missional Preaching

Welcome! This is a new blog dedicated to fostering a conversation about preaching for the formation of the missional church. So why another blog, you ask?

There has been lots of conversation in recent years about all things “missional” but there has been very little conversation about preaching as a missional practice. Missional literature consistently talks about missional leadership, and occasionally reference is made to preaching, but as a distinct practice preaching has gotten little attention in the missional conversation. There are a couple of recent books on missional preaching, which are listed on the Books page. There is now an Academy of Missional Preaching organized and hosted by the PC (USA). There are a smattering of papers and articles related to missional preaching. This blog is an effort to add to and foster this growing conversation.

The ministry of preaching–which is the regular proclamation of the gospel as it arises from reflection on scripture and experience–is one of the primary ways that a local congregation is formed. If we are going to form missional congregations, we need to think deeply about preaching as a missional practice.

So happy reading, and thanks for being a part of the conversation!

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