There’s Something Missing

Here’s a copy of the sermon I preached a couple of weeks ago on 3/1/2015. Because it was a “first Sunday of the month,” the worship included communion, and for the last few months I’ve been preaching the sermon  as part of the Lord’s Supper liturgy. Instead of placing the offering between the sermon and Lord’s Supper, the offering  precedes the sermon. That way we can move from the sermon right into the Invitation to the Table and the Meal. I preach from behind the Lord’s Table on these Sundays, and I try to end the sermon in a way that draws us into communion. So far, I love the format and it works really well. It deepens the meaning of both the sermon and communion on those Sundays, and connects the two. The sermon is the Word heard, the meal is the Word made visible. Theologically they should be together, and in this format they are!

There’s Something Missing – Psalm 85

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