Thanksgiving for “Rest”

In this week’s lectionary gospel reading, we read that Jesus invited the disciples to come away to rest. I’ll comment more on that text in another post, but first I want to tell you about the “rest” and joy I’ve experienced over the past few weeks.

First, I attended a conference sponsored by my denomination called CREDO, which is intentionally designed to offer clergy both rest and life-reflection to promote wellness and well-being. It was all they said it would be and more! Then, Caitlin and I went on a three-day trip  to the stunning mountains of North Carolina where we enjoyed terrific meals, hiking, and lots of time together. And just last week, we went on a family vacation to Williamsburg, Virginia, which concluded with my mother’s wedding and a big family celebration.

I can’t say it was all rest; there was often little rest! But it was restful and joyful, and I am grateful. And… that is why there has been no posting the last three weeks! I did preach once in that long interlude, and I’ll post that sermon soon. I hope you too have a chance for joy and rest this summer!

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