I offer both consulting and coaching to denominational groups, churches, and pastors in preaching, worship leadership, missional preaching, and missional worship. Coaching and consulting is offered at a reasonable rate, and a sliding scale is available. Please contact me through the contact page.

Some content areas for training events are:

  • Missional Interpretation of Scripture
  • Preaching as Testimony
  • See the Gospel in the Lives of Your Congregation
  • Nurturing a Team of Preachers
  • Preaching for Monday through Saturday
  • Worship as Public Witness
  • Sending the Church through Worship
  • Fresh Models for Building your Sermon
  • How to Read and Lead in Worship (especially for Lay Leaders)

Some sample coaching goals for preachers are to…

  • polish a specific sermon that will be preached to candidate for a position…
  • become confident with a wider range of preaching styles and forms…
  • develop confidence preaching without a manuscript…
  • develop new methods to exegete the text and develop creative homiletical insights
  • learn to preach with missional intentionality to equip a congregation for witness
  • learn new ways of bringing a sermon to bear on the practical lives of the listeners
  • polish your worship leadership in speaking voice, presence, body language
  • develop familiarity with using visual media, such as PowerPoint, well in preaching


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